Begin Your Holistic Journey through Strength, Nutrition, and Lifestyle

Your Blueprint to Self-Care Beyond 40.

Welcome to our 6-Week program, designed especially for women in their 40s navigating hormonal changes. If you've ever felt the frustration of weight gain, low energy, and the uncertainty of exercising in a gym setting, this program is crafted just for you.

We Understand the Struggles

Are you tired of feeling your body is changing, struggling with weight gain, and battling low energy levels?

You're not alone. Many women like you have tried solutions that promised results but left them disappointed and discouraged.

Past Dissapoinments

Perhaps you've attempted fitness programs that felt overwhelming, too intense, or simply didn't understand the unique challenges you face. It's disheartening when efforts don't yield sustainable results, and past experiences may have left you skeptical about finding a solution that truly works.

Enter our 6-Week Your Best Body course

A program designed with you in mind!

It's not just a workout routine; it's a comprehensive approach to guide you through the transformative stages of hormonal changes, weight management, and overall well-being.

How Our Program Works:

Begin your 6-week journey toward addressing the challenges of hormonal changes and weight management post-40. Through personalised strength training, educational workshops, and meal planning advice, you'll gain the tools to navigate this stage of life with confidence. The program is a combination of resources and training at Sentiene Personal Training.

Program Inclusions

Entry into the 6 Week Program gives you:

  • InBody Body Composition Scan and analysis at the start and end
  • Educational workshops: see below
  • Lifestyle habits integration for long-term well-being.
  • Biweekly meal plans tailored for women over 40, targeting weight management and increased energy
  • Access to online resources

Workshop Topics

  • Hormonal Phases After 40
  • Vital Hormones to Understand & Nurture 40+
  • Changes in Nutritional Needs Beyond 40
  • Optimal Exercise Plan for Women Over 40
  • Stress Management & Recovery: the Key to Stubborn Weight Gain

Access all workshops and resources conveniently housed within the Nourish & Empower Hub, your exclusive online portal for lifelong support and empowerment.

Choose your preferred training option. Opt for either 1, 2, or 3 semi-personal training sessions per week.

Semi-personal training sessions are 50 minutes long, with a maximum of 5 participants per session. These individualised workouts offer flexibility of times (over 40 sessions to choose from each week) to fit into your schedule seamlessly.

Program Options: 

Please note the options below start on Monday 12th August. There is an EARLY BIRD Offer on NOW until 21st July where you can start training from the 29th July- two weeks before the start date!

Choose the plan that suits you:

3 per week Plan

Valued at $829

$594 . 00

for 6 weeks

Ideal for those Committed to Progress

    2 per week Plan

    Valued at $691

    $449 . 00

    for 6 weeks

    Perfect for Busy Lifestyles

      1 per week Plan

      Valued at $481

      $234 . 00

      for 6 weeks

      Ideal to Complementing Existing Training

        Resources Only

        Valued at $247

        $67 . 00

        for 6 weeks

        Access essential resources and guidance

          These offers are available to new and returning members only. Current members get access to the 6 week YBB Course content as part of their membership.


          Q: I'm a complete beginner. Is this program suitable for me? Absolutely! Our program is specifically designed for beginners, providing a supportive environment and progressive training to suit your fitness level.

          Q: Will I have to eat differently from the rest of my family? The principles we teach you will allow you to adapt your current meals, so you can still enjoy meals with the family and achieve results.

          Q: How do I know this will work, I don't want to waste any more money on solutions that don't work?  The principles taught and workouts delivered in this 6 week course, have been tried, tested and proven. You need to commit to attending the sessions and following the healthy habit principles. If you are dissatisfied with the program we offer a 100% money back guarantee.

          Imagine Your Transformed Life!

          Imagine waking up with renewed energy, feeling confident in your body, and embracing a healthy, vibrant lifestyle. Our 6-Week YBB course isn't just a fitness program; it's a roadmap to a life where you feel empowered, supported, and in control of your well-being.

          Who Are We and Why Should You Join This Program?

          Hi, I'm Snez, and I'm thrilled to lead the Sentience Personal Training team in delivering the 6-Week Your Best Body course from our studio in Diamond Creek. With over 16 years of experience, we've guided thousands of women in transforming their health, bodies, and lives.
          Having witnessed firsthand what works and what doesn't, we've distilled the best information into this 6-week course.

          I'm currently navigating unexpected changes in my own body, and what I'll teach you over these weeks mirrors the practices I've personally embraced. At 48, I'm healthy, stronger then ever, and filled with energy.

          I understand the challenges of self-care—I juggle three teenage sons and run this business and as we do, I wear many other hats. Yet, with fundamental habits and modifications I've implemented to maintain my shape, I've learned what truly works. 

          I'm here to work with you, empower you, and share insights gained from both professional expertise and personal experience. Let's embark on this transformative journey together. Snez

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