Wellness Empowerment Workshops with Snez

Dive into sessions filled with practical, real-life strategies and tips, guiding you toward a lifestyle of sustainable wellbeing, feeling empowered and confidently taking action. 

These online workshops are your call to prioritise yourself amidst the hustle, offering support and actionable steps for a fulfilling lifestyle.

Led by Snezana Pezzin, a highly qualified wellness expert with over 25 years of experience, these workshops are designed to inspire, educate, and support women of all ages on their wellness journey.

3 Workshops to Choose from

Unlock Your Path to Sustainable Health

Embrace this unique opportunity to invest in your health with our curated series of workshops. With three pivotal topics to choose from, each workshop is tailored to empower you with the knowledge and tools necessary for a balanced and healthy life.

Individual Workshops - $37 Each

WORKSHOP 1: Monday, 18th March at 7:30pm via Zoom

Redefining Nutrition:
A Fresh Approach to Eating Well for Women

Say goodbye to complex diets and welcome a simple, enjoyable way to balance your meals. Learn to listen to your body, embrace satisfying portions, and mix your favourite foods for a healthy plate. This workshop offers a stress-free approach to nutrition, empowering you to dine out confidently and share delightful meals with your family. Join us to craft your personalised eating plan filled with foods you love, simplifying healthy eating for a happier, healthier you.

You will come away with your own individualised meal daily meal plan, designed on healthy eating principles.

Hurry, Registration Closes Friday, 15th March @ 5:00 PM!

WORKSHOP 2: Tuesday, 19th March at 8:00pm via Zoom

Strength Training Simplified:
Empowering Women's Strength

Unlock the power of strength training with our transformative workshop designed specifically for women. "Strength Training Simplified" demystifies the process of building muscle, boosting metabolism, and enhancing overall health through practical, easy-to-follow exercises that you can do right at home. Whether you're new to strength training or looking to refine your technique, this workshop will guide you through the fundamentals of effective workouts, including proper form, progression, and how to integrate strength training into your life for lasting benefits.

Hurry, Registration Closes Friday, 15th March @ 5:00 PM!

WORKSHOP 3: Thursday, 21st March at 8:00pm via Zoom

Discover the Must-Know Secrets for Unbeatable Health and How to Shift Stubborn Kgs

A workshop that focuses on the essential yet often neglected aspects of well-being: sleep, stress and recovery. Discover the transformative power of rest, learn to overcome sleep challenges, and master stress reduction to boost your metabolism, shift body fat and increase your energy. With actionable, science-based strategies, you'll simplify your exercise and food choices. Shift from overwhelmed to confident.

Hurry, Registration Closes Friday, 15th March @ 5:00 PM!


Get all three workshops for just $87, PLUS unlock a special bonus workshop at no additional cost! See below


Plus, Get these Exclusive Bonuses:

  • $40 Voucher: Redeemable for future coaching or programs with Snez
  • Recipe Pack: Get two bonus recipe packs- a traditional and plant-based- with 15 recipes in each for healthy and delicious breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack options. Valued at $34
  • Lifetime access to an online Hub with all recordings and resources from all workshops.

Total Value: $222 - Your Price: $87

BONUS WORKSHOP 4: Saturday, 23rd March at 3:00pm via Zoom

Embracing Transformation:
Positive Habits for Sustainable Health

This workshop is tailored to equip you with strategies for real progress and the art of embracing imperfection. It's more than just a workshop—it's a roadmap to true health, focusing on developing habits that lead to lasting transformation. Learn how to effectively get back on track, celebrate your growth, and cultivate a suite of habits designed for sustainable wellness.

This workshop includes a bonus Q & A with Snez, where you can get your questions answered and workshop solutions to areas you may have been stuck in. Come prepared with Q's, pen and paper!

Hurry, Registration Closes Friday, 15th March @ 5:00 PM!

Hurry, Registration Closes Friday, 15th March @ 5:00 PM!

Limited Bundle Workshops Available

Spaces for our Workshop Bundle Offer are limited due to the exclusive 30min Q&A coaching session in the bonus workshop. Secure your spot today and don’t miss this unique opportunity to transform your wellness journey with personalised support.

About The Speaker

Meet your guide, Snezana Pezzin – an educator, wellness coach, personal trainer, advocate for healthy living, and a mother of three boys. With over 25 years in the wellness industry, I've dedicated my life to helping women embrace their health and wellness journey, combining professional expertise with personal experiences to deliver practical, impactful workshops.

Why Join Me?

As someone who navigates the challenges of maintaining wellness in a busy world, I bring relatable insights and strategies to my teachings. My mission is to help women through education, support, and community, to thrive in health and life. Join me in these workshops and feeling better and looking after your health. YOUR health is pivotal to so many you care for and support xx Snez

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