Discover the Blueprint to Sustainable Weight Loss for Women 40+

Reliable, long-lasting wellness focused on changes you'll actually love and that fit your life, steering clear of quick fixes and impractical solutions is the answer you are looking for.

A wellness journey with the Lifestyle Academy offers FAR more than sporadic attempts at better health. It provides the stability and predictability you need to take charge of your well-being, empowering you to make gradual, lasting changes that will lead to a healthier, stronger, and more vibrant life. Plus, it's all about making changes that you'll genuinely enjoy and embrace, allowing you to make choices that perfectly align with how you want to live your life.

It's just as easy to embrace lasting wellness as it is to chase quick fixes and restrictive diets

Here's why you should embrace sustainable wellness

It's way easier and way more enjoyable than yo-yo dieting. If you've struggled before, sustainable changes are your game-changer. Say goodbye to diet frustration and hello to vitality. It's the solution you've been waiting for.

Hi There, I'm Snez

Since 2001, I've been deeply immersed in the world of holistic wellness and fitness. With over 20 years of experience as a personal trainer, educator, and podcast host, I've had the privilege of inspiring and guiding thousands of individuals to lead healthier, more vibrant lives.

I've been dedicated to empowering people to take their first steps towards holistic wellness.

Throughout my journey, I've interacted with countless individuals seeking to embrace a healthier lifestyle. These experiences have allowed me to uncover the subtle keys that differentiate those who flourish on their wellness journey from those who struggle to find their path.

In my work, I have made an important discovery:

That holistic wellness transcends the conventional notions of restrictive choices and grueling routines—it's a transformative journey centered on making changes you genuinely love.

By embracing a wellness path that's inspiring and purposeful, you can foster enduring well-being. Combined with the wisdom of listening to our bodies and understanding the precise synergy between strengthening exercise and sustainable nutrition choices, empowers us to achieve remarkable results.

 It has fueled my passion to guide individuals towards aligning their health choices with their deepest aspirations, ensuring that every step of their journey is not just fulfilling but also sustainable and inspiring.

I put my discoveries to the test, and they WORKED!

After years of working with thousands of individuals, I realised that I wanted to make what I've learned accessible and easy to implement. While I couldn't personally coach everyone on the gym floor, I felt compelled to share my wealth of knowledge and proven strategies for positive change. My mission became clear: to guide and empower others on their wellness journey by offering practical and effective solutions.

With the right information, expert guidance, and unwavering accountability, you have the power to achieve remarkable results, transform your body, and enhance your well-being, regardless of past challenges or struggles.

And now- I would like to introduce your to the
Lifestyle Academy

The challenge I faced was that through my work as a Personal Trainer, I could only reach a limited number of individuals. I strongly believed that more people should have access to the transformative knowledge I had to offer. This led me to create the Lifestyle Academy, and if you become a part of our community, I'm excited to extend my guidance and support to you as well.

  • If you're feeling overwhelmed by conflicting health advice and need a trusted source to provide clarity and personalised support...
  • If you're a woman over 40 who's tired of yo-yo dieting and wants a sustainable, holistic approach to weight loss...
  • If you're a busy mum juggling work, family, and health, and you're looking for a fitness program that fits your lifestyle...

The Lifestyle Academy can help!

We share a profound opportunity to make a lasting impact on the health of ourselves, our families, and our communities, all of which greatly influence our mental well-being. This is precisely why I founded The Lifestyle Academy.

My comprehensive approach to holistic wellness equips you with the knowledge, tools, and support to improve your health and become a positive force for change in your surroundings.

So what is the Lifestyle Academy

The Lifestyle Academy is a holistic wellness program that provides the knowledge, guidance, and support needed to regain control of your health, achieve strength, fitness and weight management, and ultimately lead a vibrant and fulfilling life.

This membership is designed to take you through the Lifestyle Academy 'Success Path' where you will be able to plan healthy, balanced meals- start strength training with confidence – balance your gut health and hormones, eliminate cravings - implement effective recovery & hydration strategies - set your goals and be guided through your next best steps that WILL see you getting results.

Here's  Get With The Lifestyle Academy

Sustainable Wellness Course

Unlock the power of Sustainable Wellness withmy comprehensive education modules in the Lifestyle Academy. These five self-paced sessions, enriched with resources, empower you with profound insights into sustainable wellness practices. Topics include meal planning, how to start with strength training, stress management, gut and hormone health, ensuring informed, lifelong health choices. Enjoy live Zoom workshops live or convenient replays. 

Then each month in the Lifestyle Academy Membership, you get:

Monthly Coaching Calls

These are your lifeline to success. Imagine having a seasoned fitness expert at your disposal, ready to answer your questions and provide guidance. Our Monthly Coaching Calls are not just sessions; they are the compass guiding you through your wellness journey. These calls will empower you with insights, clarify your doubts, and keep you on the right track.

Metabolic Strength Session

Each month you get 3 x 30-minute Metabolic Strength Sessions that I talk you through each month. These workouts are recorded and available for you to do at any time to fit perfectly into your busy life, all from the comfort of your home. With minimal equipment, these sessions strengthen your body, supercharging your metabolism. Strength training is the secret to defying aging, boosting energy, and shedding body fat.

Success Strides Audio

Each month, uploaded to the Lifestyle Academy Membership hub, you'll get a 20-minute guided cardio audio. Imagine this: a 20-minute audio session where I personally guide you from start to finish. These audios aren't just effective interval-based cardio workouts; they're also packed with powerful lessons on mental resilience, all aimed at boosting your motivation for your weekly cardio routine. 

Monthly Recipe  Packs

Tired of bland, restrictive diets? Our Monthly Recipe Packs are here to save the day. You'll receive17 recipes each month of both the Traditional and Plant-based Packs that not only nourish your body but are also delicious and easy to prepare.  The recipes will help you maintain variety in your diet while supporting your wellness goals.

Online Supportive Community

You're not alone on this journey. The online community, is a supportive network of like-minded individuals who are walking the same path towards wellness. Share your experiences, exchange tips, and celebrate victories together. This community not only provides motivation and inspiration but also gives you the momentum you need to make steady progress. You will connect with your fellow members and discover firsthand the incredible impact of this supportive group on your journey towards lasting wellness.

AND ... Get These Hugely Helpful Bonuses:

Ultimate Smoothie Bundle valued at $94

Revolutionise your snacking and breakfast routines with our 30-page Smoothie Recipe Book, valued at $67.

From breakfast boosts to post-workout refuels and guilt-free dessert alternatives, this recipe book has you covered. Embrace the endless variety and flavors that smoothies have to offer.

But that's not all! You also get the Smoothie Introduction Guide. Discover everything you need to kickstart your smoothie adventure, from getting started to choosing the perfect blender for your needs. Our Foolproof Smoothie Template empowers you to create endless flavor combinations tailored to your taste preferences and dietary goals. 

Free 5 Day Challenge

Discover the recorded gems  my insightful live sessions from the 5-Day Challenge, now accessible in the Lifestyle Academy hub. I went live for 5 lessons, sharing her most impactful insights on sustainable weight loss and wellness. Unearth these invaluable resources, carefully curated for you, exclusively in the members' hub. 

8months of Recipe Packs

There are 8 months of Traditional and Plant Based Recipe Packs loaded in the Lifestyle Academy Members Hub that are waiting for you to peruse and enjoy!

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    If you are unhappy with the Lifestyle Academy during the first 30 days, I want to give you your money back.

    So Let's Recap... Here's What You Get With The Lifestyle Academy

    The Lifestyle Academy membership and the 5 Live Training Modules

    Monthly Coaching Calls

    3 x 30min Home Based Fully Body Workouts

    20min Guided Cardio Workout Audio

    Monthly Recipe Packs:  Traditional and Plant Based

    Online Supportive Community

    BONUS: Workshops throughout the Year

    Remaining time to enroll


    Registrations for the Lifestyle Academy have now closed and will re-open Wednesday 18th April 2024. Feel free to email us


    Only $37 per month

      If you have any questions or concerns about the Lifestyle Academy, just email us. We're happy to help:

      'You're Fully Covered" Guarantee: Try the Lifestyle Academy Membership for a full 30 days risk free. 

      If you are unhappy with the Lifestyle Academy during the first 30 days, I want to give you your money back.

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